Best Carbon Steel Wok in 2021

Best Carbon Steel Wok in 2021

Unable to choose the best carbon steel wok? Not surprisingly, choosing out of the hundreds of models online and in the market can be tough. And if you are a fan of authentic Asian food your kitchen armory is probably incomplete without a wok, right?

Well, no problem. Our team of experts tried and reviewed over 25 woks and picked the 10 top models that are well worth the money so you can enjoy fried rice, chili chicken and other fried and sautéed veggies and meat just the way it was meant to be.

1. Helen Chen’s 97005

Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen concentrates on offering you impressive tools to create your Asian cooking a delightful experience. This bundle includes all you want to start right away.

She’s the daughter of this Asian cooking leader Joyce Chen and follows her mother’s footsteps to give you only the best.

You obtain a wok with a ribbon lid, a bamboo spatula for stir-frying, and a recipe book to help start you off using the ideal foods and mixes.

Helen Chen creates the wok with a lovely design and it’s rugged enough to endure for several years. It’s 14 inches in width, includes a 1.6-mm gauge, features stylish wooden handles, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Bundle Contains a wok, spatula, lid, & recipe booklet
The wok comes by a 1.6-mm carbon steel
This wok features trendy handles using a modern appearance
Spinning lines provide better food management during cooking


It is heavier than most other woks in 5 lbs
Flat bottoms are not like curved bottoms

2. Joyce Chen 22-0060

Joyce Chen is a iconic title in the realm of stir-frying and wok pans because she invented and holds the patent to flat-bottomed woks.

This deal for a Joyce Chen carbon steel wok comprises a distinctive wok pan from the Joyce Chen line. It is beautifully designed with stylish and modern handles and perfect for almost any modern sty-fry enthusiast.

The handles set this wok pan apart because they’re so unique, trendy, and ergonomic.

Made from Phenolic, the handles stay cool while cooking along with the extended handle even comes with a nicely made loop to hang it easily in the kitchen.


Flat-Bottom makes it useable on most stove-tops
Really stylish & modern design
Includes trendy handle and additional helper handle
Made by the inventor of this flat-bottomed wok
Backed by a 25-year guarantee


Its sides are a bit overly smooth
It is not dishwasher safe

Best carbon steel wok

3. Craft Wok 731W88

For the greatest professional carbon steel wok, you want a wok pan that is as conventional as possible and that is what Craft Wok provides here. It is manufactured in China by Chinese professional-wok manufacturers in Guangzhou, and they’re hand-hammered.

The pan measures 14 inches round and includes a rounded bottom to genuinely ensure it is conventional. This provides you a pan which could easily participate in your meals on one side when you want a little more space.

It includes a long, wooden, and northern manage, and a bigger helper handle.

1 drawback of the pan is that it is made in this authentically traditional manner, it appears quite old and certainly out-of-place in most contemporary kitchens.

But if you would like a genuine Chinese skillet that is made the old manner, then you have got it.


Hand-hammered by Chinese wok-making professionals
an Entirely traditional and finest complete Chinese wok
Comprises a very long wooden handle and a helper handle
Made with 15-gauge carbon steel
The best carbon steel wok for severe stir-fry chefs


The Standard appearance makes it less appealing
Its spherical bottom is not for all stoves

4. M.V. Trading CSWK12FBHH

M.V. Trading presents you with the most effective flat-bottom carbon steel wok here. It’s made for anyone with horizontal stove-tops to also enjoy stir-fry cooking in a wok, because traditional woks can not do that.

Unlike traditional wok pans, this one also includes a lot of fancy layouts, giving it a modern and fashionable appearance that fits beautifully into any kitchen.

The drawback here is that lacking a round floor means that you’re limited in just how much salty and deep-frying you can do with it. However, its flat bottom makes it usable by most and therefore it’s a good trade-off.

You can get it in any of 3 sizes, including 12, 14, and 16 inches, so to accommodate the amount of people that you intend to cook for in a go. Do note anyway, that the larger versions are more expensive than the smaller ones.


Really Fashionable and modern layout
Flat base functions on many stovetops
Made with thick 14-gauge carbon steel
4-inch thickness provides adequate cooking area


The Bigger sizes are more expensive and thicker
Just hand-washing is advocated

Best carbon steel wok

5. Joyce Chen 21-9972

This bundle offers you all that you want to get into the world of stir-fry cooking, making it the ideal wok for the cost on this list.

You will also learn to appreciate the wok dome lid across the way since it allows you to enhance your cooking with tastes by covering and allowing your stir-fry cook for some time.

There is a lengthy, northern style handle and a second, helper handle to give you more hands after cooking.

For cons, the sides are a little bit too smooth and will not hold food nicely, as hammered woks do. The wok is also not dishwasher safe.

Joyce Chen, however, guarantees that you’re free to use this wok pan on any rooftop of your own choice and also backs it with its 25-year warranty.


14-inch flat-bottomed carbon steel wok
Best wok for the money includes a spatula, lid, & recipe booklet
A beautifully designed wok with birch-wood manages
Can be used on almost any cook-top
Backed with a 25-year guarantee


The sides are too eloquent
You Can Just hand-wash this wok

6. KYTD 12.5-Inch Carbon Steel Wok

Scrambled egg is a tasty breakfast to begin your day.

However, if the egg sticks into the pan such as adhesive and begins to brown rather, morning becomes a nightmare nobody would like to maintain!

With an exceptional fish scale contour within the pan, this cookware is great for scrambling eggs, stir-frying veggies, making fajitas and a lot more delicious dishes.

A whole lot of Chinese recipes involve simmering and masking the dishes while cooking. Bearing that in mind, KYTD wok has a glass lid that helps assess your cooking position readily.

Have a ceramic cooker and considering switching to induction lately?

To create your cooking experience even more intriguing, KYTD provides you a completely free luxury wooden spatula to perform.

Highlighted Features

You are able to store the pot with the help of its own hang ring quite readily.
Compatible with numerous stoves, it’s a buy worth .
With a glass cover on top, you may observe the development of your cooking.
Particular fish scale within the skillet enhances its smoothness.
Bottom Line

KYTD wok gives you the advantage of heating the entire surface evenly. Consequently, medium- to low-heat ought to be sufficient to cook your food. Don’t use high temperature unless there’s food or water in it as that may damage its noninvasive property.

7. Souped Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok

Souped Up Recipes, a YouTube channel that shares conventional Chinese recipes each week has read your mind and brought the best cooking wok for you men! Measuring 12.5-inch in diameter, the carbon steel wok has a flat bottom that sits comfortably on any cooker including induction, electric, gas range and other heat sources.

While cooking your favorite dish, how do you resist the urge to test it every few minutes to determine how it’s playing out inside the pan?

Me neither!

But one problem with kids is that they get pretty hot when sitting at the top of the pan. Ergo, either I must search for a mitt or take the probability of getting a gentle burn on my fingers!

Along with the lid, you get a metal spoon with the package to assist you stir.

Highlighted Features

Being compatible with all heat sources, you can use it for many stovetops.
Together with the pan, you get a metal spatula and wooden lid for convenience.
As it’s quite lightweight, the wok heats up pretty quickly.
Printed hammered texture on the surface makes it appear unique.

Bottom Line

The cookware doesn’t come seasoned. But don’t worry! Souped Up Recipes has included a URL to its YouTube station where you’ll find a consumer guide that tells you how you can season and care for this cookware well.

8. Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

The Chef’s Medal carbon steel pow wok is hand made in a conventional way by specialists in Guangdong, China. If you’re interested in finding a skillet for stewing, steaming, boiling, and deep-frying purposes, this really is the best Chinese wok you’ll get within a reasonable budget.

One of the largest disadvantages of cooking with high heat would be that the handle of this cookware becomes too hot to touch.

To solve that issue, Chef’s Medal features a wooden handle that stays cold for a very long time. The 140-inch long handle comes with a pit on its lower part so you can store the pans by hanging them in the dish-rack.

Want to keep up the pow wok in its very best form?

For cleaning purposes, always use hot water and a kitchen brush rather than utilizing detergent/abrasive.

Highlighted Features

You will need less oil than cast-iron to cook in this skillet.
With no chemical coating, it is a safer option to cook for relatives.
You can use this pan for stewing, steaming, grilling and deep-frying.
Heat the burner into a high temperature will show the blue steel inside it.

Bottom Line

If you season the pan well, it will not form rust later on. But in the event that you forgot to do this originally, apply an abrasive to remove the rust and then season it well before cooking.

9. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok

You know things are quite serious when an Asian Culinary expert starts developing cooking fittings for home cooks!

Meet Helen, a cookbook writer and programmer of”Helen’s Asian Toilet line”, who’s determined to make things convenient for cooks all over the world. The Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok is just another great creation of her kitchen that’s made from 1.6-millimeter carbon steel stuff.

Having a heat-resistant oak handle, this carbon steel wok with lid offers quick heat recovery for an optimum cooking experience. The cookware is heavy duty, yet lightweight to carry easily. To help you store this cookware, the wok has a hanging ring in the conclusion of its wooden grip.

Splattering while cooking is the biggest fear of a newbie cook.

Bearing that in mind, Helen has made this skillet using a high-domed lid to avoid splattering altogether!

You may use this on gasoline, electric and induction stovetops.

Highlighted Features

You get a 13-inch bamboo spatula and recipe booklet free with this cookware.
With a flat-bottom arrangement, the skillet sits properly on any stovetop.
The heat-resistant bamboo handle makes it effortless to hold this pan while cooking.
A high-domed lid prevents splattering and retains heat perfectly.

Bottom Line

To enjoy a hassle-free searing and frying experience, the pan must be seasoned initially. With each use, the wok gets more nonstick, smooth and rust-resistant. Once experienced, just wash the pan regularly and it’ll last for a long time with no issue.

10. Lodge Pro-Logic Wok

Lodge is famous for its durable cast iron pieces, and also this wok is no exception. This is a sturdily-built, heavy pan that keeps heat beautifully and can help you achieve the restaurant-quality gear that is really hard to achieve with no high-BTU flame. It has a flat bottom, which allows it to sit on top of a gasoline burner without the adapter ring required for round-bottom woks. Having a 14-inch diameter, this wok is large enough to quickly cook your favorite stir-fry dishes to your bunch. Since cast iron demands seasoning to guard its surface, this version comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil–all you’ll need to do is keep it.

The large handles make it easy to transport and move, but since they are also cast iron, you will need to be mindful of their fever in any way times. It’s also quite heavy, weighing in at nearly 11 lbs, so it might be somewhat awkward to bring out and put away if you plan on using it often.


Heavy duty construction

Pre-seasoned and ready to use from this box

Flat bottom does not require an adapter


Very heavy due to size


A fantastic wok may take your cooking ability to another level. While routine fry pans take their sweet time to get warmed up, woks become fired up pretty quickly as a result of their own sloped walls!

Willing to cook up a storm using the ideal carbon steel wok in the kitchen?

Now you have a clearer idea of the quality and pricing of woks, we expect you’ll have the ability to locate a suitable one that satisfies your budget and need.

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